Thursday, March 19, 2009


Lately I've been working on writing the text for the Swedish translation of 'Clusmy'. This is what a page of the text looks like... it's kind of weird to do, especially with a book I haven't actually picked up and looked at in a few years. I mean, I knew these things happened, in my life, but the farther from the past you get the less clear it becomes maybe, and also, you realize how different a person you can be from who you were a few years ago. I guess almost ten years ago. Anyway, I think this'll be the first and last time I draw the text for one of my own books...


  1. draw the text in a whole book, plus in another language, must be boring as hell... i didnt know it was smg autors were supposed to do. good luck

  2. i can't imagine lettering a whole comic book in a language i don't speak fluently, i'd be way to paranoid about mistakes. you are probably learning a lot about swedish though, so i guess that would be the upside.