Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bighead Vs

Next week is San Diego Comicon, and one of the things you'll be able to find (while supplies last, anyway) is a free giveaway sketch card where I'll finish the drawing, sponsored by the online store Things From Another World. My card features Bighead with space left to draw a villain. With the original art, I went ahead and drew a villain and colored the piece, which will be auctioned off for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.


  1. cool
    i'll be in line to stalk these out!

  2. Ahhh.....I like my free health care...but the benefits there are of being American are quite sweet.
    Make it to the Toronto Fan Expo one year!

    I know a couple of guys who love your stuff and that definitely includes myself.

  3. What's your policy on sketch cards for people unable to go to SDCC? Wink wink wink.....