Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cat Process

Just in stores now are the Cat Companion Journal, a blank journal illustrated with some of my cta drawings, and The Cutest Sneeze In The World, a box of 30 postcards mostly taken from Cat Getting out Of The Bag along with 8 all new color postcards. Recently, I've begun work on the sequel to the cat book, currently titled 'Cat Walks,' so I figured I should post on my process for the cat comics. I start out by pencilling the panels, then pencil the insides of the panels. Then using the lightest gray Faber Castell brush pen, I ink the lines, then erase the pencils. The new book is half black and white and half in color, but the next steps are pretty much the same for both. I either add the colors, or whatever gray shading I need, again using the Faber Castell brush pens. Finally, to finish it off I add the final black lines.


  1. Hi,Jeffrey
    thanks for your blog, and for your books, too.
    I love the first cat's book.
    From Barcelona,

    xavier salomó

  2. I got the cat postcards from Atomic Books and love them. Strange how the same experiences every cat owner has are still universally funny.

  3. My cat is looking forward sitting on the new book while I'm trying to read it.