Wednesday, May 9, 2012


It's going to be a busy summer for me, as I'm starting to work on three books, all very different and hopefully I'll be able to talk more about them soon. I'll also be doing a ton of travel to promote Darth Vader and son, including some San Francisco events next week. Check out the left side for updates on where I'll be when. As a result of all this busy-ness I'm going to take the summer off from commission drawings, except for a few I already committed too. Above is an unused version of a dinosaur tattoo I made, and another commission I'll be doing was auctioned off to support 826CHI. There's one more commission I'll do, and that one is part of the Reading With Pictures kickstarter campaign. If you miss out on the commission from me, though, you can also fund the RWP kickstarter and get a customized action figure made by my brother.

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  1. Hey Jeff, just wanted to let you know that our interview, as well as a review of Darth Vader and Son, went up a couple of days ago: