Thursday, August 16, 2012

Why did the chicken cross the road?

My son Oscar gave me the punch-line, which you can hear on The Dinner Party, where I also talk about some sci-fi moments that have stuck with me over the years. Also, in preparation for my first visit to Star Wars Celebration, I drew a little comic for a guest blog post. If you're going to be at Celebration on Saturday,August 25, come see my panel (along with pop-up book artist Matthew Reinhart) at 11am, or stop by the Dark Horse booth for my signing at 4pm. I'll also be signing at the Barnes & Noble booth Sunday morning at 11am. Now back to drawing the last 113 pages of the second rough draft of my current project...


  1. Haha, heard Estevan saw you last weekend! Wish I could've made it. Heard Celebrations was fun, though!

  2. Jeff, please get a twitter! :( you could post cool little doodles and works and progress and stuff! Puh-leazeee?