Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Right now, Chicago's Busy Beaver Button Co. is running their latest button design contest - this month's contest theme is comics, and I'll be judging. The winning design prize package includes a signed copy of Vader's little princess. Meanwhile, for much less work you can enter a contest with Chronicle Books to win printer's prooofs from Vader's little princess or the Darth Vader and son postcard book. Finally, for fun I posted some of my favorite Star Wars items (and the stories behind them) on the Collectedit! website. One more thing - head over to the Chronicle Books blog for a look at the process behind a page from Vader's little princess.

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  1. Jeff: I just read A MATTER OF LIFE, and it is BY FAR the BEST thing you've ever done. I'm proud to have been a fan of yours for close to a decade and seen your comics "persona" develop and grow, from "relationship guy" to "adventure-hero humorist" to "dabbler in all media". A MATTER OF LIFE represents Jeffrey Brown, a good man and father, that I also know you are. The book made me laugh and think and smile, just like all your books have. Thanks and Congratulations.