Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I had drawn about 100 pages of "Funny Misshapen Body" when I decided things didn't feel right, in terms of chronology, narrative, drawing style...after some internal debate I decided to completely start over, changing the arrangement of stories from strictly chronological (the finished section covered high school) and instead arranging stories by subject matter. Some of those stories from the 100 pages got dropped entirely, while others were re-drawn to varying degrees. Here's an example of a page as it was first drawn on the left, and how it ended up looking in the book on the right.
If you're in Michigan, there's a new exhibition of comics artwork - all Michigan creators - at Eastern Michigan University's Ford Gallery . Four of the unused pages are up in the show, and there's an opening and discussion tonight.


  1. This is interesting to look at. I'm curious why you decided to re-draw it? Is it the faster frames in the center or page layout?

  2. I'd love to see more examples of your creative process. Really interesting stuff!