Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Yo Joe

My brothers and I grew up with G.I.Joe, and I did this drawing with SnakeEyes for my brother Doug. Someday I'd like to do more with the G.I.Joe idea, but it'll be hard to match the brilliance of this.


  1. Holy CRAP. I heard you had a blog, came over to check it out, and you have this on he front page? AWESOME, and I'm glad you like the McSwys story. For what it's worth, I love your comics; your books were a big part of my inspiration to start cartooning. Right on.

    Keith Pille (and yeah, the blogger profile named "cobra!" dates back to right after I wrote that story... I don't use it anymore, but it's the only way I could comment...)

  2. I'm glad you have a blog now. Very impressive artwork!

    Question: Would you consider accepting a comic from me -- something I've made?

  3. Thanks, Keith, good to hear from you... your story made me laugh out loud, and I feel like it's harder to get that from prose than comics. Props to you.

    If you want to send me your comic, Andrew, I'd be happy to read, you can send it here:
    P.O. Box 120
    Deerfield IL 60015-0120