Friday, May 1, 2009

College Paintings

In "Funny Misshapen Body" there's lots of depictions of paintings I made in college and art school. This panel shows one of my favorites, which was sold and then given to my friend Brian. I think it was called 'Raketenflugplatz,' and was loosely based on n old World War II photo, I think. It was painted with acrylic on canvas.

And here's another one from Brian's collection, which I'd totally forgotten ever making.


  1. im really glad you posted these. i just finished reading Funny Misshapen Body, and i was wondering what the paintings looked like. Awesome stuff, would love to see more.
    FMB was spectacular in so many ways. I came away from it feeling very inspired! I couldnt stop laughing at the "whats this? whats this?!" bits. Dont want to spoil it for anyone but the whole book was such a great read! Possibly your best work yet!
    Also, thanks for getting back to me on the status of the documentary. Im really looking forward to seeing it.

  2. Hey Jeff - Incredible work! It'd be nice to see these published in a future scrapbook of some sort.