Monday, May 11, 2009

Special Limited Quantities Offer

Before I got any Transformers toys when I was a kid, I got a couple Go-Bots toys for my birthday. This was one of them. Clearly, a big inspiration for the Incredible Change-Bots.

Since I have some of the materials to make Incredible Change-Bots Fan Club membership cards left, I'm going to add 30 members to the Fan Club. So if you wanted to sign up but missed the original offer, this is your chance. As of right now, there's 10 spots left. Price remains the same, but there are a couple changes from the previous Fan Club membership listed in the back of the book:
- I'm out of the minicomic, so you won't get a minicomic with this. You will get the same membership card.
- Instead of the drawing of a Change-Bot of your choice, you'll get one of a 30 card trading card set. The set will feature a lot of different characters, so you can still request a particular one, but I can't guarantee you'll be able to get that one. The 30 card set will tell a short story, the way the Topps movie card sets for films like Star Wars did when I was growing up. The cards will be standard trading card size, with a full color drawing on the front.
If you'd like to join, email changebots at gmail dot com for the rest of the information.

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