Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Comics Have Finally Made It

Since the whole Frederic Wertham/Comics Code debacle, it seems like comics have been struggling to make it big and be accepted as a legitimate and important part of popular culture. This morning I received a spam email with the subject line "graphic novels from the masters". I think it's a definite sign that comics have indeed made it.


  1. Awesome news!
    Who would say no to a contest where you could win a copy of Action Comics number 1 or Amazing Fantasy number 15?

  2. I don't get it. What do comics have to do with erection drugs?

  3. It's just how spam emails try to grab you - they put 'britney spears' or something about Obama in the subject line, but the email itself is just an ad for online drug stuff... so apparently the spammers think mentioning graphic novels will get more people to click on their spam.
    Or wait, maybe they just think comics fans are sexually dysfunctional. Hmm.