Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Drawing On Comics Week Three

For week three's exercise in my comics class I had the students re-draw panels from comics, first trying to replicate it exactly, and then switching up materials and styles. The idea was to get the students to think about how materials are related to style, and how style can affect content. For an example I tried redrawing some John Romita Jr panels from Uncanny X-Men #192, but after trying to replicate the panel accurately a couple times I had a hard time changing styles much. Fortunately the students did a much better job at that than I did.


  1. I love these weekly peeks into your curriculum. I can kind of vicariously take your class. You've got some lucky students.

  2. (I am so jealous!) I'd love to do this sort of study/class!

  3. Jeffrey, this is a great exercise. Is it okay if I steal this for my comics class?