Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Drawing On Comics Week Two

In my first class, I had the students work on six panel, one page jam comics; the twist was that each one had a title already, and the students had to make the completed comic fit that title. This worked to varying degrees, as the usual inherent non-sequitur quality of jam comics kept taking over. For week two, I talked about pacing and time in comics, and drew twelve one panel comics. Students had to pick one and draw their own version of it. Next they redrew it as a two panel comic, and then as a three panel comic, and then a four panel comic, without adding or taking out any significant information. Next they would draw it as a single page, and then as two full pages, without the strict expectation of not adding anything. I tried to make each original single panel something that could be expanded out fairly easily, but still have it where the ideal number of panels could vary. The idea was for the students to think closely about how to breakdown their comics, and get a sense of how varying the number of panels and splitting up information can affect how the comic reads.


  1. That's a really cool activity.
    Good thinking.

  2. I remember in college we did a one page comic where we could only use words on a predetermined list. It was cool telling the story through action rather than dialogue.

    Looks like youre having fun as the professor. Any students freak out that Jeffrey Brown is teaching them? I would.