Friday, February 14, 2014

New Books Coming Soon!

Coming out next month is Kids Are Weird, which you can get a feel for in the trailer posted above. Also coming out soon is Goodnight Darth Vader, which should debut at San Diego Comic-Con this July.


  1. please can you write a new Star Wars: Jedi Academy
    I read it 9 times in a row - in a day!!!!!!!!!!
    I am CRAZY about Star Wars, in fact, today (as i'm writing this) my new game which I ordered from Amazon just came and it was Star Wars: Republic Commando!!!

  2. Yea can you make a new Jedi academy I have read all of them like idk 9 times they are the best Star Wars books ever!!!!

  3. I read the series to me, my brother, and my mom again and again could you make another star wars series but this time for high school? I want it to be about Pasha moving to a new school and Roan trying to maintain a long distance relationship. please please please you are the best writer EVA

  4. Please let us know where Roan goes next! My son is desperately waiting for your next Roan book.

  5. Please make another Jedi Academy book!

  6. Hey Jeffery brown your books are totally awesome can you please write another book on Jedi academy roan pasha bill and Gaiana and everyone in high school and continue the story until Roan graduates or just roan in high school please

    1. Yes PLEASE DO write another Jedi Academy comic book!

  7. i would love to see roan in high school, and maybe another book with ollie in jedi preschool?

  8. My son is finishing up book 3 and is really hoping for more books following Roan. Are you coming out with any more following him? This series really helped him love reading again.