Thursday, April 9, 2009

Cover Art

Here's how the artwork for the cover of 'Funny Misshapen Body' was drawn in its original state, which was then taken by designer Cherlynne Li to create the final cover. I figured I'd just draw the different elements for her to use, because of the text on the back of the book would make it easier for her to arrange than for me to try and figure out.


  1. Bought it yesterday and read the whole thing. It's nice to have a better understanding of your artistic self-discovery; some people know what they want from the very beginning but most of us flail around for years trying to figure out what we need. Another masterful bit of storytelling, Mr. Brown. Thank you!

  2. Priority on my "to buy list" once pay day rolls around. These last few blog entries on your creative process, as well as the stories about finding your way as an artist in FMB are sure to compliment each other, and be incredibly insightful to us aspiring artists!

    Can't wait Mr. Brown! Thank you for changing our worlds!