Monday, April 6, 2009


My scripting process is too gather up elements/moments/stories I want to include and make those into an outline, which is then refined further and further, until I get a more detailed script - either panel by panel or page by page. This is script from 'Funny Misshapen Body' before I restarted it with a re-written script. Usually I just have enough notes to myself for what's going on, with final dialogue not written until I'm sitting down to draw the page. I'm usually composing panels/imagery in my head as I'm scripting, so there usually isn't anything visual written down for the scripts either.


  1. There is a whole side to being a creator I'm afraid I don't have.

    I want to buy your book, and read it, and put it on my book shelf.

    Because my friends come over and I say read this, and then maybe they think im cool for showing it to them, and maybe I'll show a lady and then she'll kiss me.

  2. Wow, cool. I've always been curious about how you put your ages together... is this a process that's sort of evolved, or have you done it this way for quite a while?

  3. I guess it's probably not rare, but it comforts me to see other cartoonists' thumbnails that are only clear to themselves.