Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Rabbit Fever

I don't do a lot of illustration work, but this year I've done more. Most recently, I worked on artwork for a documentary film by Amy Do called Rabbit Fever. After talking to Amy, I came up with these four basic ideas, and thumbnailed them for her to think about it.

We narrowed it down to two favorites, which I sketched out in slightly more finished versions.

Amy liked the rabbit with the crown more, and did a few photo mockups to get a feel for how a finished poster might look.

Based on that, I did a more finished pencil version, using actual rabbit breeds, and at a larger size - not quite the 27"x40" of a film poster, though.

That version turned out a little too cute and cuddly though - maybe a little too realistic, and lacked the spontaneity of the earlier sketch version, which Amy really liked. So I went back and did new rough pencils, trying to match the sketch more closely.

Amy liked that version better, so I went ahead and did final inks for it.

We were both pretty happy with this version, except Amy still liked the more unfinished and taller/thinner lettering of the sketch version. She also still liked the sketchy rabbit the most, and worked with all the elements to put together for the final poster. Here's three versions she came up with.


  1. jeffrey,
    popcandy's top story as of now: http://content.usatoday.com/communities/popcandy/post/2009/08/cool-movie-alert-rabbit-fever/1

    great illustration...is it your first film poster? & are you selling any of the original art from this effort?