Sunday, April 19, 2009


Tomorrow I'll be headed to Sweden for the Swedish Small Press Expo , and the release of Fumlig (the Swedish translation of Clumsy). Meanwhile back in the US, the NHL playoffs have started, and my favorite team the Red Wings happen to have a large number of Swedish players, so somehow it all seems to fit. I also entered the Red Wings'
Beardathon for charity.

Last season, fellow cartoonist and hockey fan Rob Ullman and I made a bet on whose team would win the Stanley Cup, and when his Penguins lost Rob was forced to suffer the shame of wearing a Chris Osgood jersey at Heroescon last June. Rob was a good sport, as you can see here.


  1. i sold you the secret war trade at this convention.

  2. And I'm going to expect you to sell me Secret Wars II some day, too Erwin. Also, yes, the Drawing Between The Lines documentary will be coming out sometime this summer - director Bruce Parsons teamed up with Top Shelf to do a short run of DVD's, which will also have some extra material. It might be out at San Diego Comicon.