Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tack till Stockholm

A huge thank you to everyone that helped me out while I was in Sweden, especially Johannes Klenell, Mats Jonsson, and Fredrik Stromberg... there's a lot more to add to that list, but despite feeling much less jetlagged back home today than when I arrived over there, my brain is still a little mushy. If you'd like to see what my mushy brain looked like in Sweden, you can watch this interview I did the day I arrived.
I came home with a ton of great books, most of which I can't read. Fortunately Top Shelf will be putting out translations of several of these books next year, including Mats Jonsson's "Hey Princess" and Kolbeinn Karlsson's "Trollkungen". In the meantime, you'll already be able to read Niklas Asker's Second Thoughts in English.


  1. http://svtplay.se/v/1531318/kulturnyheterna/23_4?cb,a1364145,1,f,102864/pb,a1364142,1,f,102864/pl,v,,1537409/sb,p102864,1,f,102864
    will be up for another two days.

  2. I liked your mushy brain. It seemed so calm next to my delirious one. I hope you had as fun as the rest of us. /Kolb

  3. Great to see you again Jeff! I hope we'll have time for a beer and a talk next time. Hope to see you at SPX in September. Take care!