Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Secret Headquarters

This Friday I'll already be back in California (after another exhausting but great San Diego Comicon) to sign at Secret Headquarters, who will also be hosting an art show featuring all the zombie/Beatles art from the book Paul Is Undead. SHQ will also have for sale a bunch of special 'Process' artifact packets, packaged without the minicomics.

Monday, July 18, 2011

San Diego Comic-Con

Once again I'll be at San Diego Comic-con this year. Most of the time you'll find me at the Top Shelf booth #1721, where I'll also post my schedule of where I'll be when. I might forget unless you ask, but I'll have these free sketch cards courtesy of Things From Another World to benefit the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. I'll complete the sketch card with the head of your least favorite Change-Bot, or you can head to the Threadless/CBLDF party on Thursday night and bid on the completed original art I made for the card, featuring the beheaded Balls.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Save The Film

Somewhere in Los Angeles today (or maybe actually yesterday) the movie I co-wrote and provided a bunch of artwork for started filming, which is really exciting and also slightly hard to believe. I started working on it five years ago when Jordan Horowitz wrote to me and asked if I'd ever thought about writing for film, and this was the initial idea I pitched to him back then:

basically the story is about two girls' relationships, one the deteriorating relationship of high school sweethearts, and the other a new relationship complicated by unexpected pregnancy; the date being the wedding date, but also the due date of the baby. pretty vague, but there you go. it would definitely lean toward the comedic side of things