Sunday, May 24, 2009

Change-Bots Fan Club Drawings

Over on Top Shelf 2.0, you can see a few of the drawings I did for the original Change-Bots fan club offer. I just finished the drawings for the new limited offer, which is 30 spots, each getting a hand drawn trading card. The trading cards are actually panels which make up a story called 'Balls On Patrol' that will appear in the Change-Bots sequel next year (hopefully next year, anyway).


  1. What kind of markers do you use? they look like prismacolors but its hard to tell sometimes...

  2. They're the Faber Castell brush pens. I like using them most on illustration board, which is what these trading cards are drawn on, although I've used them on Bristol too (like in the original fan club drawings). The original Change-Bots book was drawn in a sketchbook, but the paper in that book worked well too.