Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I'm Really Good At Playing

I was going to write an essay over at GraphicNYC, but realized what I was trying to say worked much better as a comic, and they just posted I'm Really Good At Playing today. Here's a step by step look at the process once I'd scrapped the idea of writing it as a prose essay. First I made a small outline, and expanded that out into a full script. I was basin the dimensions on he biggest size my scanner bed can handle.

I streamlined the script and wrote it out on the back of the illustration board I was drawing the piece on, so that if I was working out at the coffee shop I didn't have to carry the extra piece of paper with me. Because an extra piece of paper can be very heavy.

I was planning on making the comic full color, so I pencilled the piece out a bit more completely than I might normally.

I started to ink and immediately screwed up the first panel - the title - and decided to start over. I tested inks and sizes a little bit on the illustration board first.

So then I re-pencilled the story in non-photo blue, intending to draw it only as black and white line art. I also made the panels smaller and split things up, nearly doubling the number of panels.

Head over to GraphicNYC to see the whole, complete comic.


  1. Great strip! And it is always illuminating here to see your Process.

    I'm not surprised you chose not to express yourself in an essay, but rather with a comic strip -- it is so "you" to do that. To do otherwise would be like asking Tiger Woods if he'd like to play a game of softball.

    -Jose de Leon

  2. No joke, one of my favourites by you...EVER
    Just based on content.
    Seriously great.

  3. Incredible. Thanks for the glimpse at your process. Oh, what I'd give for the penciled first draft that you "messed up." I read the finished comic and, as another stay-at-home dad who draws, I think it was the most I've identified with your work so far. Wonderful job!