Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Darth Vader and son and son

Oscar has started reading on his own, and I finally remembered to give him a copy of my new book. You can also see some of Oscar's drawings, and some of my own childhood Star Wars drawings, over on the Chronicle Books Blog. And if you're in Chicago this weekend, make sure to come check out CAKE, the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo. I'll be there both days, with a minicomic making talk on Sunday at noon.


  1. Jeff: You mentioned on the Chronicle blog that your son hasn't watched Star Wars... You should watch the films in an order that matches a ZIP code in Cincinnati, Ohio: 45236, the so-called "Machete" order, where you skip Episode 1 and treat Episodes 2 & 3 as a long interlude before the final battle.

    (Why it's called "Machete" other than a reference to the blogger who coined the order makes no sense to me: The association with the Cincinnati ZIP Code 45236 is a handy mnemonic to remember the ordering.)

  2. Hi Jeff.
    My wife got me your "Darth Vader and son" book for Father's Day.
    I've really enjoyed it.
    I can relate to many of the pages in it.
    Thanks for the great work, and for being a true Star Wars fan.

    - Jamie Hickson